Welcome to Protect Pubs!

We are a network of pub campaigners, born out of a single twitter feed about pub campaigning, and recently described in the House of Commons as “the pre-eminent organisation campaigning for better protection for this country’s pubs”.

We have campaigned tirelessly for reforms to the planning laws to protect pubs from change of use.  We are delighted that from 23rd May 2017, planning permission will be required if an owner or developer wants to change the use of a pub in England.  Previously, no permission was needed to turn pubs into shops and they became an easy target for convenience stores.  We hope and trust that this particular source of attrition will be minimised through the new legislation.  Our campaigning will continue until pubs can compete fairly with other uses of land.  Too many have been lost.

We support pub campaigners nationally.  We are veterans of many pub campaigns and our network grows.  We’ve learnt the pitfalls and potholes and can help you to avoid them and give your campaign the greatest chance of success.

We also speak for pubs and pub campaigning, and aim to give pubs and pub campaigners a voice within the mainstream media.

If you’re looking for support on running a pub campaign yourself or are a journalist wanting to hear true stories of why pubs close and the impact it has on communities, you’re in the right place!

Please follow us on twitter via @protectpubs for regular updates.  Alternatively, see our Contact Us page for more information on getting in touch.