Changes to planning law that will help to protect pubs!

At Protect Pubs we are delighted to pass on the news that from 23rd May 2017, it will no longer be possible to demolish or change the use of a pub without planning consent. We campaigned vigorously for a considerable time together with the British Pub Confederation, to call on the Government to change planning law. Until now, pubs did not have a fair and level playing field within the planning system. Prior to this change to the law, it has been possible to convert a pub into a supermarket or shop without permission and even in some cases to demolish it altogether. The new legislation will give communities the chance to have a say in the future of treasured local pubs. Bravo!

“I am delighted that finally, after years of campaigning, we will at last see this long overdue and vital change that will end the nonsense of viable pubs being converted to supermarkets without communities having any say. Many communities have lost pubs through the cynical predatory purchasing of pubs by supermarkets who have colluded with the large indebted pubcos to target pubs precisely because of the loophole that thankfully is at last being closed. This is a victory for pubs but also for localism.

“This is another big campaign success for the British Pub Confederation and the Protect Pubs campaign and I look forward to us carrying on being the real voice of pubs and publicans in Britain protecting and promoting the Great British Pub”.

Greg Mulholland, Chair of British Pub Confederation

At Protect Pubs, we encourage you all to get together with your neighbours down the local tonight, safe in the knowledge that its future as a pub is more secure now than it was before. Cheers!

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